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The Kamuto Declaration

Kamuto, Kapoeta County, New Sudan - June 29th - July 10th, 2004

Recommendations and Resolutions of the Chiefs and Traditional Leaders Conference

(Extracts of, but keeping the reference numbers of the selected Resolutions)


WE, the Traditional Leaders and Chiefs of New Sudan having met at Kamuto, Kapoeta County, New Sudan, from June 29th - July 10th, 2004, do hereby recommend, resolve and commit ourselves to:

1. The Holding of the Conference

1.1 Express our deepest delight with the holding of this first-ever and historic Conference of the Traditional Leaders and Chiefs of New Sudan.

1.2 Commit ourselves and impress upon the Sudan People's Liberation Movement and Government of South Sudan, the governments of the Nuba Mountains and Funj States to continue organising such an event at least once every year, where they shall meet at County level once every three months and at a State level once every six months

1.5 Register this significant conference as a landmark for the people of New Sudan as they struggle to restore their dignity.

3.. Mutual Forgiveness and Reconciliation

3.3 Without reference to past events or any prejudices attached thereto, we commit ourselves to resolving all disputes amicably and peacefully through our established legitimate institutions.

4.. Unity of Purpose Amongst Our People

4.2 Create and strengthen all institutions or activities that shall deepen the sentiments of unity and harmony amongst our respective communities.

8.. Disarmament of Non-Members of Organized Forces

8.2 Initiate and implement coherent, consistent, strategic and balanced plans for conflict resolution and disarmament of all communities.

9. Culture within New Sudan and its Future

9.2 Commit ourselves to respecting our cultures and conduct such inter-cultural dialogue with a view of enriching our quality of life and overall well-being.

9.3 Work towards the regeneration, promotion and revival of our cultures through specially designed programmes, studies and research activities.

9.4 Call upon the SPLM and Government of South Sudan and the governments of Nuba Mountains and Funj States to commit adequate resources for the documentation of every aspect of the historical and living cultural traditions of all communities of New Sudan.

9.9 Recommend to strongly discourage all forms of traditional tribal markings and facial or other scarification and female circumcision.

11.. Local Governance

11.5 Carry out training and educational programmes designed for enhancing and improving the role of Traditional Leaders and Chiefs.

12 The Role of Traditional Leaders and Chiefs in Society

12.1 Enhance the role and responsibilities of Traditional Leaders and Chiefs in all aspects, particularly as regards the tenure and ownership of land and other resources belonging to their respective communities.

12.2 Call upon the SPLM and Government of South Sudan and the governments of Nuba Mountains and Funj States to assist with establishing County, State and national forums for the Traditional Leaders and Chiefs.

14.Civil Defence and Law and Order

14.6 Resolve existing conflicts between customary and common laws, through research, studies and the enactment of harmonised laws as applicable.

14.7 Conduct meetings, discussions or studies between various Traditional Leaders and Chiefs to acquaint themselves with each others customary laws.

15. Mechanisms for Resolving Community Disputes

15.1 Establish peace-building networks and institutions, devoted to popularising the sentiments and values of peaceful coexistence within and among communities.


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