What is the House of Nationalities?



The Panafric Communique




We, the members of various nationalities of the South Sudan/New Sudan, Civil Society organizations and stakeholders, having discussed the practical aspects of the “House of Nationalities” proposal (“A space for preserving the unity and the diversity of the South Sudan”, January 2002) and considered the means to bring this initiative into operational existence, the Conference reached agreement and broad consensus on the following: -

1. Agreement on the principle and the proposal of the “House of

2. Agreement to convene a conference of the “House of Nationalities”.

3. Agreement to ensure the participation and representation of all the 60+ nationalities of the South Sudan/New Sudan that have been identified.

4. Agreement to expand the terms of reference for the existing committee to:

4.1 Plan the organization of the next “House of Nationalities”- Conference.

4.2 Expand its membership to include key stakeholders.

4.3 Co-ordinate efforts with communities, the Civil Society

Organizations, Women-groups and the South Sudan/New Sudan authorities at regional, payam and county levels to ensure the participation of all nationalities in each county, payam or region.

4.4 Agree on a time-scale and framework for the organization of the “House of Nationalities” Conference and pre-requisite funding to facilitate the convening of the conference on time and as soon as possible.

4.5 Ensure participation and involvement of the South Sudanese Diaspora in the organization and mobilization to convening the conference of the “House of Nationalities”.

5. The participants are grateful and thank the government of Switzerland for their financial support of the conference.

6. The participants express their gratitude to our guests of honours, H.E. Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat, H.E. Ambassador Hussein Ali Dualeh from Somaliland and Prof. Yash Pal Ghai for their precious advice and support.

7. Last but not least, the participants thank Dr. Willy Mutunga for his inspiring guidance and successful facilitation of the meeting.

Signed on this 19th day of January 2003 by

Dr. Hakim Dario Nyangamoi

on behalf of the organising Civil Society Organisations:

(I) The National Peace and Reconciliation Desk (SPLM)
(II) Sudan Women’s Voice of Peace (SWVP)
(III) New Sudan Indigenous Network (NESI)
(IV) New Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC)
(V) Horn of Africa Centre for Democracy and Development
(VI) Centre for Documentation and Advocacy (CDA)
(VII) Federation of Sudan Civil Society Organizations (FOSCO)
(VIII) New Sudan Youth Association (NSYA)

and the conference’s participants, namely:

Mr. Tobby Xavier Lotto,

Prof. George B. Nyombe

Mrs. Mary Nyawolang

Prof. Gabriel Giet Jal

Mr. James Kok Ruea

Ms. Susanne S. Jambo

Mr. Andrea Richardo Bol Yero

Mr Dengtiel Ayuen Kur

Mr. Lazim Suleiman El Baska

Mr. Philip Deng Acuth

Dr. Lino Gwaki

Dr. Hakim Dario Moi

Prof. Legge Patrick

Mr. John Luk Jok

Mr. Mary Cirilo

Mr. Eduard Apuoro

Mrs. Anisia K. Achieng

Fr. Maurice Loguti

Rev. Tut Mai Nguoth

Mr. Moris Gema

Mr. Akol Paul Kordit

Mr. Casimiro Manyanu

Mr. Jacob Jiel Akol

Mr. Majur Mayor Machar

Mr. Stephen Marshal Babenan

Mr. Alier Makol Mr. Stephen Tut

Mrs. Teody A. D. Lotto

Dr. Deng D. Akuany

Mr. Younan Musa Kuanda

Dr. Kunijwok G. A. Kwawang

Mr. Johnston Juma Okot

Mr. Edward Achuil Akoch

Mr. Barnaba Okony Gilo

Mr. Eliaba Surur James

Mr. Athian Majak Malou

Rev. John Jock Chol

Mr. Telar R. Deng

Dr. Mark Zangabeyo

Mr. Louis Lobong Lojore

Mr. Lokai Iko Angelo

Mr. Paul Lotabo

Rev. Mathew Mathiang Deang

Mrs. Agnes Nyoka

Mr. Peter Louju Lokwaam

Mr. William Oyet

Mr. Napoleon Adok

Ms. Kasang Ajoi Dedesei

Mr Victor Kpiawunda Edward

Dr. Pius Subek Mr. Wal Tiger Angelo

Mr. Daniel Deng Kut

Mr. Atem Yaak Atem

Dr. Peter Ochalla Paulo

Mrs. Marina Martin Legge

Fr. Dominic Otwari

Mr. Peter Kamilo Lomong

Mr. Pius Daniel Mbimbi

Mrs. Sundra Opoka

Mr. Lul Ruai Koang

Mr. Karlo Kolong

Mr. Samuel Okomi

Mr. Dong Samuel Luak

Mr. Tut Jock Hoth

Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba

H.E. Am. Hussein Ali Dualeh

Mrs. Betty Oboy Itrong

Stephen Hammed

Fr Kamilo Afore

Fr. Thomas Lokai

Mr. Aleu Anyieny Aleu

Rev. Paul Pitia Yugusuk

Dr. Samson Kwaje

Dr. Willy Mutunga

Mr. Jean-Francois Darcq

Dr. Haruun Ruun Lual

Mr. Emmanuel Lowilla

H.E. Amb. Bethwel Kiplagat

Prof. Yash Pal Ghai


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